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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How did I fail to catch on to the rules of this?  Is it too early start blaming "law school brain"?  My dear friend and sorority sister Rachel at {simple.little.joys} nominated me for this award, which is just so typical of her - thoughtful and sweet.  She's clearly better at the blogging thing than I am, which is why everyone should go check out her blog.  It's fabulous, uplifting, inspirational, and just all around wonderful, just like the writer!  Thanks, dear heart!

Apparently the rules of this award are as follows: link the award giver (and thank them), list 7 things about yourself, and then pass on the award (and the love) to 15 other bloggers (or 10, if you follow Rachel's rules, or 7 if you follow mine [what, I'm a baby blogger and am still getting into other people's blogs!]).  Here goes:

1)  As it hints at in the About Me section, I am a first year law student who graduated in May 2010 from undergrad at the University of Mississippi (go Rebs!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.

2)  Even though my degree is in Spanish, I am nowhere near a native speaker, nor am I fluent.  I am pretty darn proficient, though, and can carry on an in depth discussion on a variety of subjects, though maybe not politics or the economy.  Then again, I can't really carry on a discussion, in depth or otherwise, on those subjects in English either.  I know enough Spanish to have lived with a Spanish woman who spoke no English for a month and a half and have understood 90% of what she told me (like when she offered me condoms when I was going out one night...).

3)  I always put two spaces between my sentences, and I think you should too.  I know that some scholars (and some word processors) disagree with this, but if I'm given something to proofread and I have access to an electronic copy, I'll put in two spaces between each sentence.  If you're lucky, I'll tell you about it when I send you back my revisions.  ;)

4)  I love animals with pretty much my entire being.  Snakes, dogs, cows, lions, giraffes, alligators, birds, fish...Love them all.  That said, I also enjoy steak and chicken and bacon.  I don't believe animals were placed here on this earth for our use, and I don't believe they have the same rights as people, but I do think we as people have a responsibility to treat them with respect and to avoid causing them unnecessary pain.  This includes animal abuse (absolutely not), animal slaughter (avoid unnecessary pain), spay/neuter (ought to be mandatory for non-showing animals), and euthanasia (I hate it, but perhaps it's better than letting injured animals suffer or abandoned spend their lives in kennels).

5)  I approach projects and tasks with the assumption that I will succeed.  I believe I can do something unless previous experience has shown otherwise.  This idea should prove interesting when I attempt to build a pergola this fall.

6)  My mom is my best friend.  I know that it is the nature of things that she will likely die before I will, but I honestly don't know how I'll live without her.  I can tell her anything (seriously) and usually do.  She gives the best advice and is my number one champion.  I hope to God I am the kind of mother to my children that she has been to me.

7)  I am the descendant of two Confederate soldiers, one of whom died in the Battle of Baker's Creek in Mississippi in 1865.  While I absolutely do not believe in the justice of their cause, I respect their willingness to fight for a cause they believed in.  I honestly don't think I believe strongly enough in any of my convictions to die for them.  If I'd been alive in the 1770s, we'd probably still be an English colony.  Liberty or death?  None for me, thanks, but props to you, Patrick Henry.

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  1. Thanks so much for the tag!! Lordy, let me go think of something interesting to say about myself :)



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