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Saturday, August 28, 2010

1) I'm very much into solo dance parties at the moment, sans music. They usually don't last more than 30 seconds and mainly involve some very bad nerdy-Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me" arm motions and lots of jumping around. Sometimes I try to get Lilly in on the act, but I'm afraid I'll squish her with all the jumping around. I don't trust myself to dance in public, but sometimes, like Gene Kelly said, you've just gotta dance!

2) Labor Day is coming up, and with that, the end of white pants and shoes until Easter. I know a lot of people have tossed away those traditional rules that dictate what you can wear when, but I will never forget the day after Labor Day two years ago when my dear friend Jane-Claire of Biloxi, Mississippi, called me out on my white shorts. Honestly, it was a simple mistake (I'm terrible at keeping track of time), but I dutifully went back into my dormroom and changed. The lesson? You might not follow the rules of traditional, ladylike Southern dress, but there will be those that do and won't be afraid to call you out on it, so why not just save yourself the trouble and put up your white after Labor Day?

Besides, if you throw out the no-white rule, you no longer have an excuse for a white party, like the one T, of Desperately Seeking Seersucker throws each year (both an actual party as well as a virtual one).  In conjunction with the fĂȘte, she's also hosting a fabulous giveaway (details here).  I encourage you to join in on the fun!

3) My parents are back from their week-long jaunt to Canada and have taken away their hell monkeys (also known as Bear the Poodle and Chloe the Maltese).  I am so so so so so relieved.  I love the pups, but seriously, they drive me crazy!  Bear is always up on Chloe who barks at literally everything.  Drives a girl bonkers.

4) I'm trying to work up the energy to go to the architectural salvage shop here in town and find one last door to match the rest of my doors in my house.  The only one that doesn't match is the one that leads to the master bath and that drives me even more bonkers than Chloe's barking.  Seriously.  All the doors in my house match except for one.  The thing is, the salvage shop is about the size of four high school gyms and it's piled full of odds and ends.  And it's hot.  And dark.  And dusty.  Ugh.

Nobody ever said perfection was easy.

5) Lastly, these cicadas are seriously getting on my nerves.  They're huge, right?  And when they wallop into the side of my house, I can hear it on the inside.  Dozens of little thumps all night long.  It was even creepier when that guy wandered into my backyard and I (being the genius that I am) went out to investigate and was frightened back into my house not by the genial, clean-cut visitor (who had gotten lost on his way to my neighbor's backyard party) but by the gigantic cicada clicking at me and flying at my face.  The visitor saw himself out, and I discovered yet another backyard bug to be afraid of.

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