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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The electricians came out today around 8 am and the second guy left about 5 minutes ago. They were really nice, really helpful, and very professional. They hung the new ceiling fan in my living room (yay - it gets so hot in there!) and I think it looks great:

It's not hooked up electrically yet, though, because it got too hot in the attic. Fancy that - too hot at 105ยบ F. They also put up the two new lighting fixtures I bought at Lowes (remember these from this post?). I spraypainted them white and ended up with these cuties:

The one in the blue room only needed to be changed out, but in the green room, he had to install a box and a switch. I really like them! The little black dots are the screw covers I forgot to paint, and they're actually bronzy. I'll take care of those later. Devil is in the details, you know.

Unfortunately, when drilling down from the attic to install the wiring to take the lightswitch that is currently connected to the plug-in where I have my TV and switch it to controlling the fan, the electrician misjudged how close his drillbit was to the edge of my drywall and crown molding and poked a pretty good sized hole.

He was really apologetic and is going to have their drywall guy fix it. I'm not too concerned about the drywall patching; that's pretty standard and all the materials are readily available. What I'm worried about is finding a replacement piece for my 65-year-old crown molding. Because they're going to have to replace the whole thing, not just patch it and not just cut the damaged part out and replace that part. Hopefully he'll be able to find the necessary style and length. Because I REALLY don't want to have to replace the ENTIRE ROOM's crown molding.

They're supposed to call me soon. I hope they do.

The funny part is, though, they were coming out to work on grounding the electrical outlets so that my TiVo will work, yet the to-do list kept getting longer and they're going to come back tomorrow to work on the rest of the stuff and (hopefully) fix my wall!

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