Is that autumn I smell? (pink & green Thursday)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday is trash and recycling day in my neck of the woods.  Granted, Monday is also trash day, but I usually forget to put my trash out on Sunday before sundown and I'm too much of a scaredy cat to go out on my patio after sundown for fear of spotting roaches.  Ick...  But by Wednesday, I can usually remember, and I bring the can and bin in on Thursday afternoon before I go inside to visit with my Lil.

Normally, I just dart out and dart in, trying to escape the heat.  Today, though, was different.  The neighborhood was particularly quiet, save the rustling of the leaves in the trees.  On my way home, I had seen a leaf fall from a tree and just then, I realized: it was strangely cool.  It felt like...AUTUMN.

Granted, I just looked it up and the temperature was about 87º, but, to me, it felt like autumn.  In celebration (and anticipation) of my favorite season, I give you my Pink & Green Thursday:

I love when the tree leaves change.  It's like one last 
party before winter creeps in.

Scarves are hands down my favorite accessory.
As fall approaches, I have an excuse to break them

I think these cookies look BOOtiful

Yes, please!

I hope my Minnies look this presh
one day.


  1. Great photos but I am sooo not ready for fall to arrive! I love love love summer! And I am not at all ready for a long long long and cold winter.

  2. Hi sweet Elizabeth! How are you darling? Your blog is just adorable, and I am so excited that you have joined us for Pink & Green Thursday!

    Your fall pinks are getting me super excited, although I too am reluctant to back away the bikinis and sundresses :) I do love that precious pumpkin though! I painted one last year all pinks and greens HEEHEE! :)

    Love and hugs - Trishy xxoxo

    PS - Sorry it took me until today to come visit, my mother in law is here, and we are busy busy bees! :) xoxo


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