Better than Before

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it wrong to love a man for his abilities with drywall?  I didn't think so!  The man did a SPECTACULAR job repairing the hole in the crown molding and the drywall issue. He even patched a crack near the top of my front door AND he took down some funky ceiling screws my mom had told me were irremovable. Then he patched my textured ceiling where the screws had left holes.

All the work he did had made the spots better than before. I'm so pleased that I'm going to have him come back and fix the spots in my pretty textured ceiling (plaster applied by hand in 1945 - I'm a little obsessed with it) where the plaster is pulling away and cracking. He thinks he can just pull the plaster down until it gets to a point where it is still stuck, then go back and put on more plaster by hand. Best part is, he gave me a high-end estimate of $100, but he thinks it probably won't cost that much.

Mom met him and was really impressed; she told me to have him do any place where the plaster is cracked. Sometimes, just sometimes, things work out even better than you expect, and isn't it wonderful when they do?

In related news (as the damage was caused by the electrician who came out to ground my outlets so I could get proper pairing for my cable card), MY TIVO WORKS! Ahem. That's right, ladies and gents. Three months, countless hours on the phone with Customer Account Executives (yes, I did memorize their exact title), countless hours driving to and waiting at the Comcast offices, and three service technician visits and my TiVo works! Grounding the outlet solved the pairing issue, but I was still not getting all my digital channels. Turns out to have been a super simple fix - they didn't have the right billing code attached to the TV, meaning even though I was paying for the service, they hadn't checked the little box in their computer that enabled those channels. But whatever. It's fixed and it works now, so a girl really shouldn't ask for more!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL new layout! I looooove. You did a wonderful job ma'am. Miss you like crazy, can't believe we aren't all in Oxford anymore. How did the time fly so quickly??


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