Guest Room Color Scheme 4.0

Monday, July 19, 2010

Okay, so I've been going absolutely insane trying to decide on a color scheme for my guestroom. First it was a red, white, and blue themed room. Then it became a more sophisticated white, brown, and lavender-grey. Then, when I couldn't find the perfect shade of lavender-grey (either too blue, too cementy, too lavender), I decided to try yellow, brown, and white, so you would feel like you were stepping into a sunflower. Well, I have landed on the perfect color scheme and I am absolutely in love. I will cry if this doesn't happen.

Before I reveal my great plan, allow me to tell you of its origins (I sound like I'm about to share some sort of epic Viking tale!). I had planned to go to Home Depot this evening after work to look at yellow paints and dark beige paints, in line with my Van Gogh sunflower inspiration. Unfortunately, my mom couldn't go over to my house to let Lilly out to potty. So I had to. After that, I decided that I would let traffic die down a bit before I went to Home Depot and decided to check out Hancock Fabrics, on Cantrell. I've been feeling very inspired by the current season of HGTV show Sarah's House, in which she is redecorating this turn-of-the-century Canadian farmhouse. TiVo it if you can - such cute rooms, even if she has a to-die for budget for each (usually around $15,000-$20,000). Clearly way more than my...$500? $1000? Anywho, the reason I mention this is because one of the things I think Sarah does really well is use different fabrics to make an eclectic, comfortable, yet elegant room.

I decided to try to look at fabrics with brown and white in them, because I really do love the quilt from Target I bought, and I don't want to take it back:

(brown is the color - the pattern just showed up better on the purple)

So...lookie what I found:

I want to use them (at least the top 2 for sure) like this:

The floral will become my curtains...

The geometric will serve as accent pillows - 2 euro shams and maybe an extra long, but skinny, pillow to lay along the width of the bed.

And the walls will be painted a really warm brownish-gold color, sort of like...

(Sherwin-Williams - Compatible Cream)

(Sherwin-Williams - Golden Fleece)

(Sherwin-Williams - Blonde)

(Sherwin-Williams - Restrained Gold)

I'm obsessed with this idea, because it means I could introduce a little red and green to the room for some color without worrying that I'd be upsetting the scheme. But the brown remains the unifying factor throughout. I can afford the fabric easily, I think, especially with the upcoming 50% off sale at Hancocks. The question is whether or not I can convince my mom to go with me with my vision.

Wish me luck - she's coming over tonight to check my samples out!!!

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