Guest Bedding: Update!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ahh, so I just realized that I forgot the mention that when my pretty blue bedding arrived, it wasn't blue at all! It was khaki! So not my taste. Luckily, the woman I bought it from is wonderful and is giving me a refund. Woo woo! Apparently she had two packages of bedding that looked the same from the outside. She opened one and it was blue, so she assumed this one was too.

This forced me to completely reconsider my color scheme, as I had planned on decorating around that bedding. I was really struggling, as I wanted the room to feel like it made sense with the rest of my house. I was determined to make the room gender neutral, but that was proving difficult with my white rose bed. I kept being drawn to more graphic bedding, but kept telling myself it was too modern for the rest of my house. Luckily, my mom pointed out to me that while my bedroom is incredibly feminine and shabby chic, the front room is mostly cottage-y with some graphic accents thrown in. This meant I could keep my romantic white bed but use my great-grandmother's brown dresser and some other graphic pieces to masculine it up some.

After pouring over bedding websites, looking in about five different stores, and staring at color schemes on line, I finally decided on a painted white bed, white matelasse (don't know what it is? Google, baby!) tucked in over some lightly patterned white-on-white sheets, with a graphic brown-and-white damask duvet folded at the end of the bed with lots of cushy pillows, some white, some brown, and others brown-and-white patterned. The walls will be this beautiful lavender-grey I found (Grape Mist by Sherwin Williams) that can look either purple or grey based on the light and looks really beautiful with the brown and white. Add some white lilies in a milk glass vase and voila! Cottage-y, cozy, chic!

For the windows, I plan on doing some sort of really luxurious looking blackout curtains in possibly a chocolate with white stripes at the bottom, depending on what I can find/bribe Bobbie into making for me. So excited! Come visit me and check out the comfort!

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