Bought the Fabric

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yesterday, I drove to Nearby College Town and bought 6 yards of the drapery fabric, 2 yards of the trefoil fabric, and about 3/4 yards of the zinnia/chrysanthemum fabric. The ladies in the Nearby College Town Hancocks are SO much nicer than the ones in Capital City. They were so helpful, so kind, and generally made me feel good about shopping at Hancocks.

I also decided on a paint color - Golden Fleece by Sherwin-Williams. My mom really likes it, which makes me like it more.

Also (I've had a productive 2 days), today I bought a red nightstand from Riverside. Regularly $110 plus tax, I got it for $70 with tax included. Love their sales! This is what it looks like, although I think this particular paint is Melon, while mine is Chili Pepper Red:
I'm going to try to match the red with some spray paint so I can paint my old wooden nightstand that I had when I was a little girl to match it. With some brown lampshades on my shiny candlestick lamps, they're going to be too cute!

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