$800 for My Guest Bed?!

Friday, July 16, 2010

On a whim this evening, I decided to try to find a bed similar to the one I bought and fixed up for about $250 ($175 - bed itself, $75 - paint, primer, sandpaper, steel wool, etc). I was curious to see if I could estimate how old the bed was and maybe what it would have cost if I'd bought it fixed up. Imagine my surprise when I found a bed that I am confident is from if not the same line as my bed then at least the same manufacturer.

Featured on loadingdockantiques.com, this bed was listed for $600 as is, $800 restored:

The similarities to my bed are striking - the same caning pattern, the 4-rose cameo, the thick outer posts with the two thinner inner posts on either side of the caning, the way the support for the boxspring on the headboard and footboard crosses just behind the caning...I really think they are from the same company.

The website listed the bed as being from circa 1900 to 1920, which is what I had guessed, but I'm just tickled pink that I'm getting the same $800 look for $250.

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