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Friday, May 21, 2010

I know it's been a long time, but I have an update with substance! I'll probably not be able to remember everything in order, but I'll just start on the outside of the property and go inside with my updates.

So, because I have Lilly, it was clear that the old privacy fence was just not going to cut it to keep all 4 lbs of Miss Priss inside. My mom hired a guy to cut down a tree that was growing between my house and my neighbor's. Unfortunately, as he was taking the tree down, it whacked into my neighbor's house. So he sent in a subcontractor to fix the house. This was about a month or so ago. My mom decides she likes the subcontractor and decides to hire him to install a new privacy fence. When she tells me this, I think it's all very sketchy, but she assures me he will do a good job and for a reasonable price. So I say okay.

Long story short, he's here for like a month and a half. Don't get me wrong - his work is wonderful. He went to a salvage shop and dug around for several hours and found me two PERFECT matches for my 1945 original doors. I mean, they are the EXACT same door!

Salvaged door (still needs to be primed and painted, of course!)

Original door

But he's still insanely slow and when he left TWO days ago, I was glad to be rid of him! When I got home and was disappointed to see that the work wasn't yet finished, at least my mom had a surprise for me - my slipcover! It fits wonderfully and I'm so completely in love with my sofa. Clearly Lilly shares my sentiments.

Yes, the room is beyond messy, but I'm still moving in! I haven't yet found a place for everything, as evidenced by my bedroom. My mom has been painting my trim for me; well, actually, she's been priming it, but she's going to paint it for me too. I'm good with painting rooms - I think my living room turned out well - but I'm terrible with trim. Since we're using enamel based paint, it's especially important that I don't spill. And because me + paint = mess, I'll be sticking with the latex paint on the walls. Still, we've made good progress, I think:

This image explains why I titled this entry "Life Under Construction". Because we had to take down the blinds in my bedroom to paint, I'm going to be sleeping in my living room on my sofa until the trim is painted and dried so we can put the blinds up. Because my bedroom is so high off the ground, my behind-me neighbors can look directly into my bedroom. Not so cool with that.

In this photo, you can see some of the trim that's been painted, and if you look carefully, you can see the second salvaged door as well as where the passthrough was filled in.



And from the kitchen:



Speaking of the kitchen, I'm going to look at some quartzite countertops tomorrow. Apparently quartzite is "a hard metamorphic rock which was originally sandstone." (from my favorite site - Wiki!). It comes in whiter and greyer shades than granite typically does and looks marble-y without the trouble with staining and etching that comes with marble. They've brought in a new slab from Kansas City for me to look at, so be expecting photos. I really hope this works out, because from what I can tell, it's going to be just BEAUTIFUL. So cross your fingers for me!

And on Saturday, my mom and I are driving to Dallas to pick up a loveseat for my bedroom and a chair for my living room. I didn't realize my bedroom was quite as big as it is, and so in order to view my TV comfortably, I need to be closer than I am when in bed. And the loveseat is going to be cheaper than buying a new TV and look pretty chic. It's IKEA from the Ektorp collection and since I'm buying it used, it's only $100. We'll probably buy the chair new, though, because I can't seem to find one used. Oh well! Photos to come!

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