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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My mom and I met with the contractor today and made a big long laundry list of what needs to be fixed. Among other things:
1) My ceiling in my living room probably needs to come down, which makes me sad. It's a beautiful heavily textured ceiling original to the house. Unfortunately, it's started to sag and crack from getting wet, probably from my leaky roof. :(
2) My front bathroom is going to be gutted, which I always knew.
3) I'm getting two doors to separate the master bedroom from the hallway and the kitchen.
4) We're ripping out the tiles and putting down granite in the kitchen and master bathroom.
5) I'm getting a new crawlspace door, since Big Ben the Rat might have come in from the hole in the door.
6) When the countertops come off in the kitchen, the little water heater that is inside the cabinet is coming out and the floor is getting patched. The small void where the plumbing for the kitchen sink goes into the wall is also getting filled.
8) See above!
9) The pass-through from the kitchen to the den/master bedroom is getting closed off and patched with paneling from...well, I'm not sure where. The hallway?
10) I'm getting new little light fixtures in the hallway.
11) The cracked window panes are getting replaced.
12) New deadbolt in the front door.
13) Motion sensor for the lights in the front and back.

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