Faire du jardinage!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I went to visit my grandmother yesterday, and she was sweet enough to give me some of her bulbs from her garden. So not only did I get to see my granny but I got beautiful flowers for my new yard! In the backyard, there is a little flower box bed thing my dad built my mom ages ago. The wood is rotten, but my dad has promised to put down some new planks to build it up again. In the meantime, it makes a great place to temporarily store my bulbs. On the way home, we also picked up some hyacinths and more daffodils to add to the variety. Every year since I was little, my dad has given me a purple (or occasionally a pink one if purples were unable to be had) hyacinth for Valentine's Day, so of course I needed some pink and white ones!

I got up this morning and went with my mom to clean out the flowerbed and it was a serious pain! It was literally three hours of tilling the dirt, pulling up roots, and removing weeds before I finally got my irises, daffodils, and hyacinths in the dirt, which took another hour. I struggled at first, but at least my mom had a pick, which helped up yank up those roots quicker!

Here are some photos of the varieties I got from my grandmother as well as my tentative identification of the variety name:

Ice King

Orangery (?)

Ice Follies

Fortissimo (the one from Walmart)

Carlton or Saint Keverne

The last photo is of the daffodils already in the yard. I'm not sure what kind they are - does anyone have any ideas?

And here are my hyacinths! I love the way they smell and am so looking forward to having my yard smell like wonderful hyacinths next spring!

The white hyacinths!

My rough looking purple hyacinths from Valentine's. The others from Valentine's Days past are currently resting in the yard at my parents' house.

My pink ones!

I've got big big BIG plans for the backyard, and these little baby bulbs are just the beginning! And a very beautiful beginning at that!

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