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Monday, February 15, 2010

I've been back at school for the past couple of weeks (boring, I know), so I haven't had a chance to do anything exciting at the house. I did, however, realize that I never posted all my "before" photos. Most of the rooms still look like this, and actually, some might even look worse because my mom cleaned a lot of my stuff out of the garage and just chucked it in my spare bedrooms. And let's not forget the water damage in my future bedroom/future future laundry room. But, without further adieu, mi casita:

The heinous kitchen with the ancient appliances. I plan to paint the cabinets white, replace the countertops with granite, and change the hardware on the cabinets to a brushed chrome. The floors are also being replaced with tile to match the countertops, and eventually I'd like to replace the stove and fridge with stainless. In an ideal world, the washer and dryer would be moved to...

This little nook, which leads from the kitchen into the den/future master bedroom. I eventually want to wall off to make a legitimate pantry and laundry room. That window there? I want to replace it with a door so that you no longer have to go through the master bedroom to get to the backyard (you can kind of see the current location of the door on the far left of the photo). I would also love love love to get rid of all that ugly paneling and put up drywall. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll just have to paint it for the time being.

My future bedroom with the absolutely disgusting stove in the corner. That thing is the absolute BANE of my existence. I hate it and there's no way to disguise it without removing it, which would then leave a big fat hole in my ceiling and roof. If I get a new roof, that thing is coming OUT.

It's a pretty big room and I do love the big window that looks out into the backyard. The last photo shows the door into the master bathroom. The closet is small, I'll admit, but I don't have a lot of clothes.

The master bathroom, which is also do for demo and reno very soon. The linoleum is coming up and the same tile in the kitchen is going down in the bathroom. The kitchen granite is also going in this bathroom. The pink and brown tiles in the shower are also being replaced with some coordinating tiles. I'm not really a fan of how this bathroom is ending up, but I won the battle for the subway tiles in the front bathroom, so this was a concession. Granted, new is new and granite is definitely an improvement over the formica.

This is the front bathroom that is for the front two bedrooms as well as the living room. It doesn't have a shower, just a tub, so we'll be putting one in. The shower surround is going to be white subway tile and the floor is going to look like this:

I'm really excited with this bathroom; I think it might be one of my favorite parts of the house, as sad as that may sound.

Last, but not least, are the front bedrooms. One of them has a built-in desk and is the one I'm going to offer to my potential roommate. The other room will either be a guestroom or an office of some sort.

I also want to give a shout-out to my pal/first follower Morgan, whose blog Eat, Sleep, & Party ( is very entertaining as well as informative!

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