Redecorating On Pause and Photos!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I had a tremendous fight with my dad last night, so I'll be heading back to Oxford earlier than expected, which puts my redecorating on pause. Or at least steals a weekend from me when I had expected to search for dining chairs with my mother.

The good news is that on the way back from Dallas, we stopped at the local granite store and picked out granite counter tops, an undermount sink (!), and tile for the kitchen and both bathrooms. They're sending a guy on Monday at 2:00 pm to measure the space for an estimate. I'm very excited by this development and hopefully we'll be able to afford it. I say hopefully because last night we learned that there is a major leak in my roof, meaning I'll probably need a brand new one. This is good news in that the current roof is an ugly white-grey, so I'll get to pick a prettier color that isn't quite so limiting with exterior paint colors. This is bad news in that it steals funds from other projects (like the granite or new siding, both of which are far more interesting than a roof).

I went over to the house today and took photos, which have been added to various past posts as promised. Here are some additional photos that didn't make it on other posts:

This is the living area. The blue tape on the floor maps out where I expect to place the furniture (chair, sofa, and TV console).

The occasional table, now half-complete with a lamp and the cool wooden parrot I got in Belize. Add a magazine or two and a little basket to hold my remotes and we're good to go!

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