Granite Countertops - Yum!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The guy from the granite store came out today and measured for granite in the kitchen and back bathroom as well as new tile floors and walls in both bathrooms. Very exciting! Plus, if we do granite, I get my undermount sink in the kitchen, which is the only thing I have really really asked for in the kitchen. Granted, I would pee in my pants for new stainless appliances, which would cost around $1500 for a new fridge, oven/stovetop, and microwave venthood. But as long as I have my undermounted sink, I will be happy. I just hate how when you clean your countertops and have all these little crummies that get caught in the lip between the countertop and the sink. Gag!

I've been flip-flopping on TV stands. On the one hand, I like the idea of a little sofa table because it will be light and airy and not weigh the space down. On the other, I am in desperate need of storage, especially since my coffee table and chairside table have minimal storage opportunities. Hence, my consideration of a piece like this. From my favorite store (Riverside), it has two drawers and an adjustable shelf behind the doors. Perfect for storing books, dog toys, flashlights, et cetera. It's marked at $310 at the outlet in white, making it very similar to this $599 table from Pottery Barn:

The one from Pottery Barn is 38" x 16" x 36" h.; the one from Riverside is 41" X 12.25" X 36". Pretty darn similar, and if the woman comes down at all on the Riverside one, a definite contender.

Edited to Add: I went by the store today and the woman told me she could come down to $267.75 on the console. I am pondering...

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