Busy 3 Days

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have had quite a busy three days. The insurance adjuster came out to look at the roof and ceiling where the leak was on Thursday...Did I mention the leak? Probably forgot. Right. Well, my mom and I were over at the house and she noticed some water damage on the ceiling in the back room (which is supposed to be my bedroom). It also looked like the water had been running down the paneling. Recently, we had just torrential rains and my 18-year+ roof sprang a leak. She called the insurance adjuster to see if we could get any money toward a new roof. Unfortunately, he said that there was no physical damage, only cosmetic. The drywall on the ceiling was still sound and right above where the leak was, on the roof, there was a build up of leaves, which probably allowed the water to puddle. He said to make sure that that area was kept clear and that, provided we didn't have torrential rains and the water wasn't allowed to pool, I could prime and paint over the water damage and that would be that. Then again, he said, water is like ants and the roof is starting to show its age and that once water has found a way in, like ants, it will keep creeping in. Ultimately, I think my mom wants to just replace the roof rather than just patch it. We shall see.

She also found out how much her bonus was this year on Friday. It has been a good year, meaning I was able to buy the Riverside console for my living room to put my TV on and these chairs for my dining room:

I plan on recovering the seats in a pretty fabric, maybe a blue and yellow stripe that I found in Hancock's this afternoon. It has a coordinating floral pattern, which I think would look pretty as small pillows on my sofa and kind of tie the two rooms together. I got samples of both, and I also think they would look good with a yellow-gold trefoil patterned fabric I found at this smaller boutique-like local fabric store. The only compromise would be that I wouldn't have any green in the room, just blue, white and yellow, which I don't think I mind too terribly.

But back to the chairs. They only had two in stock and the lady had ordered more. She could have ordered two with my name on them, so I would be guaranteed to get them, but if we did it that way, she couldn't give me a discount. As it was, I got 20% off both items. So I decided to take my chances and just check back next time I'm in town. I bet I'll be able to find two more like the ones I bought and be able to get the 20% discount.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that I actually put my chandelier up myself on Friday. It was kind of trial and error, with the length of the wires, but considering my lighting experience is limited to plugging in lamps and changing lightbulbs, I was pretty proud of myself for taking down the old fixture and putting up the new one without shocking myself or setting anything on fire.

Today, I found, while still at Hancock's, a graphic floral and butterfly pattern that I'm obsessed with. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but it was marked $3/yard, so I bought 3 yards, which will give me plenty to recover chair seats, make pillows, a doggie bed...whatever I want. I just really like it. I'll try and get photos up soon.

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