Tuesday, December 22, 2009

After literally 5+ trips nearly 20 minutes away from the house to Home Depot, I finally started painting the living room in the front of the house. It's a beautiful light blue, by Behr.

The Saga Begins...
Sunday - My mom and I went to buy paint and supplies. I had, a few weeks back, selected a paint by Behr called Wave Crest. It was a pale blue, but I thought it would still look blue. After ordering 2 gallons, I wandered off to lighting to inspect a chandelier I want to hang in the small nook where I plan on putting my desk in my bedroom. By the time I got back, the paint was finished mixing and in the basket.

It looked white. Needless to say, I was a little upset, but my mom convinced me that it would look darker in the room. So, we paid and left. We ran over to the house and tried it on the walls. I was right. It looked white. After a brief argument culminating in neither of us talking to each other, we left. When we got back home, I called Home Depot to see what could be done. They were very nice about it and told me that I could certainly bring the paint back in and they could darken it.

Monday - I returned to Home Depot. My mission was two fold. First, to darken the paint and second, to get some additional keys cut. I spoke to a very helpful employee who gave me a sample of Cool Sky, also by Behr. It was slightly different, but she said the colorant amounts and types were so similar that she expected to be able to get a close approximation. She mixed me up a sample size and then, because it looked lighter than either of us expected, just let me have it. I took it home and it was definitely closer, but still not perfect. So back I went, hoping to find her once again. Unfortunately, it seemed she was on break or at lunch, and I had to deal with another employee. He was not nearly as genial, but helpful still. He suggested I try multiplying the colorants, so that the resulting paint color was still the same shade as Wave Crest, just darker. He sold me a sample size with three times the colorants. I took it home and it was perfect!

Today - After dropping my dog Lilly off at the groomer, I went back, for the fourth time in three days, to Home Depot, this time with my two gallons of paint in tow. After waiting an absurd amount of time (they really ought to have fewer people milling about lightbulbs and put some of them into paint) and explaining the situation twice, I got my paint mixed. I ran home for some lunch and then decided to go tape and paint as much as I could before it got too dark to see.

One of the things I love about the bungalow is all the molding around the windows, ceiling, and baseboards. Unfortunately, all this also has to be taped off. I taped as much as I could before I ran out of tape. This amounted to two of the three windows, the front door, and the baseboards and crown molding of the front wall. Which means I got to start the best part - the actual painting!

I love love love the color. It's a pale blue, not too bold, but not so pale that it makes you wonder if it's actually blue. I think by painting the room, I'm actually starting to feel like it's really real, that it's really my house. I'm already planning furniture placement and everything.

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