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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two out of four walls down in the front room! Painting the paneling took ages, because I had to take a brush and run it down each groove in between the panels and then go back over it all with a roller. I have a feeling I'm going to feel the burn in my shoulders tomorrow.

After I painted, I changed clothes, washed up, and drove over to Riverside Furniture Outlet. When I got there, I was disheartened to see that the table I'd been lusting over was marked $427. When I'd looked during their Before Christmas Sale, it had been marked down to $350. Even that would have been a stretch, but $427? There was no way I could convince my mom to shell out nearly $500 for a table. It was looking like it would be a sofa and TV trays for me. :(

I wandered around a bit, sulking, then I asked the woman if she knew of any sales between now and May. She laughed and said she was sure there would be at least one, but she didn't know when. Then, she said the magic words: I can probably come down some on most stuff. Are you interested in something specific? I pointed at the table and she whipped out the calculator.

"I can do $277 for the table and $268 for the chairs," she said after a moment. I don't need the chairs, but $150 off on the table?! I called my mom and told her and she, to my very excited surprise, told me to go back and put the table on hold! She's going to write a check for it tomorrow! SUCCESS!

But wait!

Riverside was also having a sale on occasional tables. I looked at a couple and found one that was marked down from $210 to $88 to $75. But if I wanted to buy the coffee table and another table from the same collection, both would be $50 each.

This is a terrible photo I took with my cellphone, but it gives you a general idea. It's in the same wood tone family as the table top of the dining table, but it's got these funky bamboo-style legs and two panes of glass on the top, so it hopefully won't weigh the seating area down. Moreover, I bought a matching circular side table, to go in between my chair and sofa. You can see the bottom shelf of the circular table sitting on top of the coffee table.

I plan on testing out the sofa and chair at the IKEA store this weekend, and if they're comfy, I'll have nearly everything for the house. Granted, I'm still missing dining chairs and a stand for my TV, but the big stuff is out of the way. Yay!

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