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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ever since I read this article, I've kind of been obsessed with the IKEA Ektorp sofa and chair. Now that I'm going to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, I'm thinking of taking a trip up to the Frisco store to really try out the chair and sofa. Hopefully they'll feel as comfortable as they look. And at $249.00 for the chair and $399.00 for the sofa (with the white slipcover), you can't beat the price. I like the idea of slipcovers - easy clean up for messy little puppy feet.

I'm also quite convinced that my life will be complete if I add this map to my small hallway:

I just love the greens, blues, pinks, and even the off whites. For a mere $4.95 (plus $3.95 shipping), this vintage Paris Map by Cavallini Co., measuring 19.5" by 27.75", it can be mine!

For the little study nook in the den (which is to be my bedroom), I'm planning on switching out the hideous 1970s circular lighting fixture with this charming (and budget-friendly!) chandelier from Home Depot. It's by Hampton Bay, and part of the Kristin Collection. It should also put out a fair amount of light, considering that it has 3, 60-watt bulbs. It measures by 15" by 19".

For the dining room, I'm thinking something like this:

It's from a local lighting store and though it puts out the same amount of light (3, 60-watt bulbs), it's a little wider, at 21 inches rather than the 15 inches of the other chandelier, so I think it would fit better as the central lighting fixture in the dining room. It's not as budget-friendly as the first one, either, but the woman at the store said that what I would pay for it in-store would be about 20% less than what was listed on the website, bringing my $207.50 chandelier down to about $166, which is somewhat more palatable. Certainly more so than the dated brass, 5-arm chandelier that's in there now. My only concern is that it is an ivory, rather than a white. Then again, the trim in the room is off white, rather than pure white. For about $237.36, I could do something like this:

From the same store, it measures 18" by 15.25". So it's about the same size as the smaller one, but it's white... Maybe I should just get the other one and then paint it myself. But like I said, the trim is off white. Hmm...

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