Riverside TV Console

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Okay, so I swear I'm not trying to decorate my entire house with Riverside furniture, but they just seem to have the sorts of stuff I'm looking for. Case in point, a TV console from the Splash of Color collection. 20.13 inches deep, 45 inches wide, 28 inches tall. How fabulous would that look across from my IKEA sofa? Very, that's how.

Photos to Follow

Put together my coffee table and end table today. I also got the dimensions of the sofa and chair from IKEA and taped it out where I want to put them, so I think they'll fit! Now, I need to figure out if there's a way to actually get the sofa into the back of my mom's Lexus. Since we're going to Dallas this weekend and shipping for the sofa and chair would be about $300 for each (basically doubling the cost and therefore putting them out of my price range), I want to come home with at least one piece. My preference would be the sofa, but I'm concerned that there isn't enough space to get the box into the back. I may end up coming home with just the chair.

But I intend to come home with something!

Bonaire by Riverside

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

(Full disclosure: This photo is from a few days later, after my trip to Dallas, hence the cute accessories.)

The furniture is all in, though the coffee table and chairside table are still in boxes and in need of assembly. I didn't know yesterday, but according to the box, the style of the living room tables is Bonaire, by Riverside. The dining room table is from the Seasons collection.

It's in my dining nook and I absolutely love it. I liked it a lot in the store, but I adore it in my house.

Of Painted Paneling and Furniture

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two out of four walls down in the front room! Painting the paneling took ages, because I had to take a brush and run it down each groove in between the panels and then go back over it all with a roller. I have a feeling I'm going to feel the burn in my shoulders tomorrow.

After I painted, I changed clothes, washed up, and drove over to Riverside Furniture Outlet. When I got there, I was disheartened to see that the table I'd been lusting over was marked $427. When I'd looked during their Before Christmas Sale, it had been marked down to $350. Even that would have been a stretch, but $427? There was no way I could convince my mom to shell out nearly $500 for a table. It was looking like it would be a sofa and TV trays for me. :(

I wandered around a bit, sulking, then I asked the woman if she knew of any sales between now and May. She laughed and said she was sure there would be at least one, but she didn't know when. Then, she said the magic words: I can probably come down some on most stuff. Are you interested in something specific? I pointed at the table and she whipped out the calculator.

"I can do $277 for the table and $268 for the chairs," she said after a moment. I don't need the chairs, but $150 off on the table?! I called my mom and told her and she, to my very excited surprise, told me to go back and put the table on hold! She's going to write a check for it tomorrow! SUCCESS!

But wait!

Riverside was also having a sale on occasional tables. I looked at a couple and found one that was marked down from $210 to $88 to $75. But if I wanted to buy the coffee table and another table from the same collection, both would be $50 each.

This is a terrible photo I took with my cellphone, but it gives you a general idea. It's in the same wood tone family as the table top of the dining table, but it's got these funky bamboo-style legs and two panes of glass on the top, so it hopefully won't weigh the seating area down. Moreover, I bought a matching circular side table, to go in between my chair and sofa. You can see the bottom shelf of the circular table sitting on top of the coffee table.

I plan on testing out the sofa and chair at the IKEA store this weekend, and if they're comfy, I'll have nearly everything for the house. Granted, I'm still missing dining chairs and a stand for my TV, but the big stuff is out of the way. Yay!

Christmas Money!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I just tallied my Christmas cash; this year I've got exactly $500...meaning, I can afford my $399 sofa from IKEA! I had toyed with buying the dining room table, but then I thought, well, what's the point of owning a table if I don't have chairs? With a sofa, I can eat off my lap/steal a TV tray from my parents' house.

I still need to find a coffee table and a TV stand. I'm thinking I might like a light wood coffee table to pick up the wood tones from the dining room table I've picked out, and maybe a painted TV stand. Maybe in white, maybe in a fun color. I've not yet decided. I love the look of white furniture; I just don't want the house to look bland or cold.

Murphy's Law

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yeah, I didn't make it over to the house today either. It was too rainy. Maybe this weekend, when my mom can go over with me and help finish painting and hang the chandelier. It freaked me out a little when she mentioned that she had shut the power off at the circuit breaker before, only to discover that the power wasn't actually off. According to Murphy's Law, this means that should I have attempted to change the chandelier by myself, I would be electrocuted.

Which is bad.

Christmas Eve Eve

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's been a very rainy Christmas Eve Eve. I had planned to finish painting the front room, but I just couldn't lock myself in that empty dark house all day in the rain. Maybe tomorrow.

I did end up buying the chandelier from Home Depot. After reading online that one way to figure out how big to make your chandelier was to take the length of the room and the width of the room in feet then add them together to get the width of your chandelier in inches (7 ft x 7 ft = 14" wide chandelier). So, I bought the smaller, 15" chandelier I mentioned earlier and took it home. Obviously I didn't put it up, but I did hold it up and (I think) with the crystals and maybe some small lampshades, it will fit fine. Of course, if I end up thinking it's too small, I can always move it to my little study nook in my bedroom.

I think maybe tomorrow I'll try to install it myself...hopefully I won't get zapped.

Places to Visit in Dallas

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Must-Visit Stores in Dallas
Uptown Country Home
3419 Milton
Dallas, TEXAS 75205
Phone Toll Free: 877-232-2042

7171 IKEA Drive
Frisco, TX 75034
(972) 712-4532

More to be added

Console table

A Riverside console table to go along the long wall in the living room, between the two doorways. I think it costs about $229 retail, but hopefully it's less at the outlet.

Dining room table

I know I've been posting a lot, but I'm on a renovating and decorating kick.

This Riverside table (a member of the Seasons collection) is regularly $527, but there's an outlet near me...which means discount! At last check, it was around $300, maybe a little more. Definitely more doable! And if I skip on the matching chairs, at $107 a piece ($90ish at the outlet)... I'm thinking I might take some chairs, paint them white, and reupholster them in matching fabric to unify them! I especially like the light wood on the top, to keep it from being too bland. It warms the table up, I think.

Cute side table!

Found this at Pier 1:

How precious would this be in my living room? At $199.95, it's hardly a bargain, but delightfully luxurious looking. I especially love the mirrors and the little shelf on the bottom for storage. I'm all about storage in my tiny bungalow.

Decorating Ideas!

Ever since I read this article, I've kind of been obsessed with the IKEA Ektorp sofa and chair. Now that I'm going to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, I'm thinking of taking a trip up to the Frisco store to really try out the chair and sofa. Hopefully they'll feel as comfortable as they look. And at $249.00 for the chair and $399.00 for the sofa (with the white slipcover), you can't beat the price. I like the idea of slipcovers - easy clean up for messy little puppy feet.

I'm also quite convinced that my life will be complete if I add this map to my small hallway:

I just love the greens, blues, pinks, and even the off whites. For a mere $4.95 (plus $3.95 shipping), this vintage Paris Map by Cavallini Co., measuring 19.5" by 27.75", it can be mine!

For the little study nook in the den (which is to be my bedroom), I'm planning on switching out the hideous 1970s circular lighting fixture with this charming (and budget-friendly!) chandelier from Home Depot. It's by Hampton Bay, and part of the Kristin Collection. It should also put out a fair amount of light, considering that it has 3, 60-watt bulbs. It measures by 15" by 19".

For the dining room, I'm thinking something like this:

It's from a local lighting store and though it puts out the same amount of light (3, 60-watt bulbs), it's a little wider, at 21 inches rather than the 15 inches of the other chandelier, so I think it would fit better as the central lighting fixture in the dining room. It's not as budget-friendly as the first one, either, but the woman at the store said that what I would pay for it in-store would be about 20% less than what was listed on the website, bringing my $207.50 chandelier down to about $166, which is somewhat more palatable. Certainly more so than the dated brass, 5-arm chandelier that's in there now. My only concern is that it is an ivory, rather than a white. Then again, the trim in the room is off white, rather than pure white. For about $237.36, I could do something like this:

From the same store, it measures 18" by 15.25". So it's about the same size as the smaller one, but it's white... Maybe I should just get the other one and then paint it myself. But like I said, the trim is off white. Hmm...


After literally 5+ trips nearly 20 minutes away from the house to Home Depot, I finally started painting the living room in the front of the house. It's a beautiful light blue, by Behr.

The Saga Begins...
Sunday - My mom and I went to buy paint and supplies. I had, a few weeks back, selected a paint by Behr called Wave Crest. It was a pale blue, but I thought it would still look blue. After ordering 2 gallons, I wandered off to lighting to inspect a chandelier I want to hang in the small nook where I plan on putting my desk in my bedroom. By the time I got back, the paint was finished mixing and in the basket.

It looked white. Needless to say, I was a little upset, but my mom convinced me that it would look darker in the room. So, we paid and left. We ran over to the house and tried it on the walls. I was right. It looked white. After a brief argument culminating in neither of us talking to each other, we left. When we got back home, I called Home Depot to see what could be done. They were very nice about it and told me that I could certainly bring the paint back in and they could darken it.

Monday - I returned to Home Depot. My mission was two fold. First, to darken the paint and second, to get some additional keys cut. I spoke to a very helpful employee who gave me a sample of Cool Sky, also by Behr. It was slightly different, but she said the colorant amounts and types were so similar that she expected to be able to get a close approximation. She mixed me up a sample size and then, because it looked lighter than either of us expected, just let me have it. I took it home and it was definitely closer, but still not perfect. So back I went, hoping to find her once again. Unfortunately, it seemed she was on break or at lunch, and I had to deal with another employee. He was not nearly as genial, but helpful still. He suggested I try multiplying the colorants, so that the resulting paint color was still the same shade as Wave Crest, just darker. He sold me a sample size with three times the colorants. I took it home and it was perfect!

Today - After dropping my dog Lilly off at the groomer, I went back, for the fourth time in three days, to Home Depot, this time with my two gallons of paint in tow. After waiting an absurd amount of time (they really ought to have fewer people milling about lightbulbs and put some of them into paint) and explaining the situation twice, I got my paint mixed. I ran home for some lunch and then decided to go tape and paint as much as I could before it got too dark to see.

One of the things I love about the bungalow is all the molding around the windows, ceiling, and baseboards. Unfortunately, all this also has to be taped off. I taped as much as I could before I ran out of tape. This amounted to two of the three windows, the front door, and the baseboards and crown molding of the front wall. Which means I got to start the best part - the actual painting!

I love love love the color. It's a pale blue, not too bold, but not so pale that it makes you wonder if it's actually blue. I think by painting the room, I'm actually starting to feel like it's really real, that it's really my house. I'm already planning furniture placement and everything.

Bungalow Baby

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Elizabeth, aged 21 years. A senior in college, applying to law school, and proudly owned by a 3.6 4.2 lb toy Poodle.

The Bungalow?
Built in 1945. Located a charming neighborhood in Southern Capitol City.

The Project?
Renovate, rejuvenate and revitalize said bungalow into something I would be proud to call my own. The kitchen and front bath need to be gutted, the entire house needs paint, and oh, did I mention it lacks central heat and air? My parents are only helping me with the bare basics, the rest will be up to me...